After years of successful appearance in the greek territory, MEDGROUP created a long term investing program , in order to expand its activities to other countries beginning by Romania.

This choice was based on a deep study of the country's pluses and minuses which gave us the boost to invest.

Romania possesses a rich palette of natural resources, that is everything that can be encompassed from mountains to sea ( Black Sea ).

A large low-cost well educated labour pool, with properties/premises prices that still defy the rates in western Europe, Romania offers great opportunities. Romania has all the elements for becoming the biggest and lowest-cost near-shore outsourcing provider for Western Europe and USA : highly skilled, low-cost labour (e.g. 90% of Romanian professionals speak English in contrast to 20% in Hungary ) and reduced culture and language barriers. Romania is also shaping up as the main partner in the region, that is as the launching ramp for businesses in smaller countries around.

It is one of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (over 21 million inhabitants), enhanced by its strategic geographical position at the junction of traditional transportation routes, providing access to over 200 million consumers in a 1000 kilometers radius

Romania has a functional Market Economy status granted by the EU, as a prove Romania can cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. It is Cost competitive and has a highly skilled labour force , with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering.

In the country exist extensive maritime and river navigation facilities (Constanta is the largest port on the Black Sea and the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube canal provides uninterrupted water access from the Black Sea to the North Sea);

Medgroup's appearance in Romania consists with companies, Medtainer Ro srl, Medrom Invest s.r.l., Medrom logistics srl and Medfreight srl.