Our bespoke warehousing and logistics solutions will help drive your business forward, and through our culture of open and honest dialogue we will continue to adapt our services to meet your every requirement in the future.
We’ve been providing warehouse and logistics services in Constanta South for over 20 years. Our understanding of how best to work with these complex and challenging products has grown year on year allowing us to increase service levels whilst reducing costs to our clients. Our specialist knowledge has allowed us to diversify our services. We continue to grow and expand the number of services we are able to offer to our clients. Our warehouse has connection with road, rail and water way, therefore we can offer integrated shipping solution from simple cargo storage to multimodal (truck , rail or water way) allowing full cargo movement versatility. Moving freight by rail can be significantly more cost effective than by truck. Waterway transport allows you to move heavy or break bulk cargo at reasonable prices while avoiding well known road haulage limitation.

Flexibility. Scalability. Efficiency. Three things on your mind when you evaluate your cargo handling needs. Introducing MEDROM LOGISTICS SRL, taking cargo handling into a new dimension of security, speed and efficiency.

Our location
Administrative Building Mol1S, 3rd Floor,
Inside Constanta South Port, Romania


  • One-Stop Centre 24/7
  • Connection to all modes of transport (rail sliding and road carrier bays)
  • 23 forklifts
  • 50 m truck loading ramp
  • Receiving and delivery cargo from ships
  • Dedicated container stuffing/un-stuffing facility
  • Receiving and delivery to rail
  • Pallet racking
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Tiered Storage structures
  • Latest technology in camera supervision
  • Card access control
  • Yard management
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Truck / container loading and unloading
  • Seaworthy container stowage / export packing
  • Cargo handling
  • Consolidation groupage cargo, import and export container / truck
  • Variety storage (according to a register)
  • Outsourcing (for a specific period or permanently)
  • Service outside normal hours, on weekends and public holidays (by appointment)

Warehouse storage

4700 square meters for bonded storage

  • Standard pallet racking
  • Shelving systems
  • Long Span Racking
  • Partitioning
  • Tiered Storage Structures

100% secured

Warehouse Security Services Include:

  • Security Console (Alarm system, Video Control)
  • Yard management
  • Trailer tracking
  • Loss Prevention
  • Truck Scale Operations

Car / RoRo Terminal

107.500 sqm ready for 7500 cars

  • Connection to all modes of transport (rail sliding and road carrier bays)
  • Separate Car Inspection Area
  • Receiving vehicles from ships. (A sea carrier delivers 3500 cars each time)
  • Unloading and loading trains
  • Receiving vehicles from trailers
  • Delivering vehicles to trailers

Our international customers entrust us with their goods, whether they are from third countries, community goods from Europe or goods subject to excise duty, and value our reliability. Our in-house warehouse management also means we can be extremely adaptable and offer an individual approach to our customers’ requirements.

We would say we are customer centric – without you we are nothing. If you would like to work with a company that truly believes this or if you have any questions then you should contact us now.

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