• May 19, 2017

    OOCL launches world’s largest Containership “OOCL Hong Kong”
    OOCL proudly announced the naming of our latest containership, the OOCL Hong Kong, at a christening ceremony held at the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) shipyard on Geoje Island today.  The OOCL Hong Kong was also celebrated as one of the largest containerships in the world by carrying capacity, and will be a welcome addition to strengthening the OOCL fleet this year. In his ceremonial remarks, Mr. C. C. Tung, Chairman of Orient Overseas (International) Limited addressed the importance of this occasion for the company. “This is a very exciting time for all of us because today marks the first time that OOCL is receiving newbuildings in the 21 thousand TEU size.  In fact, the OOCL Hong Kong will be a titan among containerships at sea, with a carrying capacity at 21,413 TEU.  An important milestone for us at OOCL indeed.” “While our industry seems to have the knack to ‘out do’ one another in building larger containerships relatively quickly these days, this project is nonetheless an important moment for us.  Faced with increasing competition and un-ending pressure on costs, we need to take the bold step in operating larger size ships of quality and high efficiency in order to stay relevant and compete effectively as a major container shipping company.” The last time that OOCL set the world record for the largest containership was back in April 2003 with the OOCL Shenzhen, an 8,063 TEU vessel, also built at the SHI shipyard. In thanking the shipbuilder and commenting on the business partnership over the years, Mr. Tung said: “We are very delighted to be on this journey together with our long-time partner and key shipbuilder of our large size ship fleet.  Over the years, we have always appreciated the high quality and reliability of your products, which is absolutely essential for us to providing a top quality service. This is a major undertaking for us to build a containership of this size, requiring a lot of effort, commitment and coordination.” Among our distinguished guests at the ceremony we were very honored to have with us our Vessel Sponsor, Mrs. Mylene Seah, her husband as our Guest of Honor, Mr. Peter Seah, Chairman of DBS Bank, as well as his colleagues representing the bank. Three years ago, the support that DBS provided towards the financing of our ships marked a wonderful expansion in our work with the bank, and we are very grateful that we could once again continue our collaboration through the financing work for the OOCL Hong Kong. “Your recognition and faith in OOCL as a business partner is a huge encouragement to us as the company continues to build the business from strength to strength by delivering exceptional products and services to customers, maintaining a healthy financial position and building a world class fleet,” said Mr. Tung in expressing his gratitude to DBS Bank.  In his remarks at the ceremony, Mr. Seah also thanked OOCL for the collaboration over the years and for the invitation to the celebration.  "Mylene, my colleagues and I are honored to be invited today for the launching and naming of OOCL’s latest vessel, OOCL Hong Kong.  This marvelous 21,413 TEU containership, the first vessel in the world to cross the 21,000 TEU mark, will further strengthen OOCL’s fleet of vessels that place them among the world’s most successful shipping companies.  I wish OOCL continued success in all your business endeavours, and for OOCL Hong Kong, I wish you smooth sailing and full loading for every single voyage!”
  • April 07, 2017

    Neptune Lines expands network to UK and Ireland
    Neptune Lines proudly announces its next milestone in the pursuit to provide an ever growing network of first class service based on innovation and integrity to its customers. Following the award of a new contract, two dedicated vessels have been assigned to offer a new service to Neptune Lines’ customers by providing a high frequency service connecting Northern Spain with France, the UK and Ireland. Biscay Shuttle  Santander – Portbury Weekly-3800 CEU vessel Atlantic Loop    Santander – Le Havre – Southampton – Rosslare Weekly-1800 CEU vessel The new service aims at all major customers in the region, covering all cargo segments; cars, high and heavy (H&H) cargo and special loads, speeding up delivery times with an extremely low damage risk service.  
  • March 23, 2017

    Neptune Lines further expands its service network
    Following the award for new Volkswagen flows from Setubal to Civitavecchia, Neptune Lines has added the port of Setubal to its Atlantic– Black Sea route, providing the opportunity for direct connections between Setubal, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Black sea and short transit times ex Italy to Turkey and Romania. Furthermore, this new set up will ensure faster transit times to Israel, Egypt and Lebanon via  hub in Piraeus.
  • December 16, 2016

    OOCL Turkey hosts TPA Training for Romanian Colleagues
    From December 05 – 09, OTUR colleagues at OOCL Istanbul office welcomed three Third Party Agent (TPA) colleagues from Romania for systems training. During these days, visiting TPAs Cristian Grindei (OPS-MDTR/CND), Cristina Enciu (CSV-MDTR/CND) and Gabriela Rusescu (FINCON-MDTR/CND) partook in a mutually beneficial week-long learning experience with OTUR colleagues. The training mainly focused on such useful topics as ‘’Regional Traffic Management’’, ‘’Booking Procedures’’, ‘’Invoicing’’, ‘’Billing & Monitoring’’, etc. Both sides found the time spent together extremely positive, effective and enjoyable. This cross-regional sharing allowed our colleagues to explore and understand the different issues facing their respective locations, as well as on a global level. The week was an eye-opening experience for both parties to gain more perspective and knowledge, as well as build stronger relationships between colleagues on different sides of the Black Sea. Our Istanbul colleagues want to share that they hope their visitors from Romania left Turkey carrying with them greater insight and appreciation of our business operations, as well as all the fond memories made during their time there!    
  • November 04, 2016

    OCEAN Alliance Sets Out Network
    Press Releases - November 03, 2016 - OCEAN Alliance Sets Out Network (Shanghai) - Members of the OCEAN Alliance, COSCO Container Lines, CMA CGM, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line, today signed a document entitled the Day One Product, which sets out the proposed OCEAN Alliance’s network, including port rotation for each service loop. The Day One network intends to deploy around 350 container vessels with an estimated total carrying capacity of 3.5 million TEUs to provide one of the most comprehensive service coverage in the market on the following trade lanes. The vessel deployment details for each service loop will be released around end of this November. • 20 Transpacific services (estimated 160 port pairs, with 13 Asia - West Coast North America services, 7  Asia - East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services) • 6 Asia - Europe services (estimated 110 port pairs) • 5 Asia - Mediterranean services (estimated 165 port pairs) • 3 Transatlantic services (estimated 70 port pairs) • 5 Asia – Middle East services (estimated 70 port pairs) • 2 Asia - Red Sea services (estimated 35 port pairs) “We are very pleased with our progress and close collaboration with our partners in putting together an outstanding selection of Day One Products,” said Mr. Andy Tung, Chief Executive Officer of OOCL.  “With the expanded network, extensive market connections and improved efficiencies, OOCL stands ready to embrace our new opportunities and deliver the best that we have to offer to our customers.” The top priority of the OCEAN Alliance is service quality and schedule reliability. Customers will benefit from a competitive selection of sailing schedules and direct port pairs, fast transit times, and a highly efficient fleet of vessels to cater to the needs of today’s demanding and increasingly green global supply chains. “The signing of the Day One Product marks an important step forward to show just how committed we are in developing the most competitive products to market and the high level of synergy and confidence we share in the partnership,” member carriers said in a statement. At this time, the members of the OCEAN Alliance are pleased to inform that they have filed the Master Agreement (Alliance Agreement) to Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and that the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) have expressed approval of the OCEAN Alliance. The OCEAN Alliance has also completed its EU self-assessment compliance review. The OCEAN Alliance is satisfied that its agreement and services are compliant with EU regulatory requirements, following satisfactory completion of a self-assessment of its activities under EU competition rules and discussions with the EU Commission.  Moving forward, the OCEAN Alliance will continue to work closely with all the authorities to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and secure the necessary regulatory approvals for the OCEAN Alliance to commence operations from April 1st 2017. DAY ONE Product: 20 Transpacific services (with 13 Asia - West Coast North America services): 9 Pacific Southwest services: PSW1: Fuqing-Nansha-Hong Kong-Yantian-Xiamen-LGB/LAX-Oakland-Fuqing PSW2: Tianjin-Qingdao-Shanghai-Prince Rupert-LGB/LAX-Oakland-Tianjin PSW3: (AWE3)-Port Kelang-Singapore-Jakarta-Laem Chabang-Cai Mep-LGB/LAX-Oakland -Hong Kong -(AWE3) PSW4: Lianyungang-Shanghai-Ningbo-LGB/LAX-Seattle- Lianyungang PSW5: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-LGB/LAX-Oakland-Tokyo-Nagoya-Qingdao PSW6: Kaohsiung-Cai Mep-Chiwan-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-LGB/LAX- Kaohsiung PSW7: Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Yantian-LGB/LAX-Oakland-Taipei PSW8: Yantian-Hong Kong-Kaohsiung-Taipei-LGB/LAX-Oakland-Tacoma- Kaohsiung -Yantian PSW9: Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-LGB/LAX-Pusan-Ningbo 4 Pacific Northwest services: PNW1: Yantian-Xiamen-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Seattle-Vancouver-Yokohama-Yantian PNW2: (AWE1)-Singapore-Cai Mep-Hong Kong –Yantian-Shanghai-Ningbo-Prince Rupert-Vancouver-Qingdao-(AWE1) PNW3: Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Shanghai-Ningbo-Tacoma-Vancouver-Tokyo- Osaka-Qingdao-Hong Kong PNW4: Chiwan-Hong Kong –Yantian-Kaohsiung-Vancouver-Seattle-Pusan-Kaohsiung-Chiwan 7 Asia - East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services: AWE1: (PNW2)-Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-New York-Boston-Norfolk-Singapore-(PNW2) AWE2: Xiamen-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-Colon-New York-Baltimore-Norfolk-Xiamen AWE3: (PSW3)-Hong Kong-Cai Mep-Singapore-Port Kelang-Colombo-Halifax-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Port Kelang -(PSW3) AWE4: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Colon-Savannah-Charleston-New York-Colon-Qingdao AWE5: Hong Kong-Yantian-Ningbo-Shanghai-Colon-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Hong Kong AWE6: Hong Kong-Chiwan-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Houston-Mobile-Miami-Jacksonville-Singapore-Hong Kong AWE7: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Houston-Mobile-Shanghai 6 Asia - Europe services: NEU1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Felixstowe-Rotterdam-Baltic Port(s)*-Felixstowe-SUEZ Canal-SEA HUB-Yantian-Shanghai NEU2: Tianjin-Dalian-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Rotterdam-Hamburg- Antwerp-SUEZ Canal-Shanghai-Tianjin NEU3: Ningbo-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Nansha-Shekou-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-Antwerp- Felixstowe-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Southampton*-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-SEA HUB-Hong Kong-Ningbo NEU4: Tianjin-Pusan-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Yantian-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Tangier-Southampton- Dunkirk-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Zeebrugge-Le Havre-SUEZ Canal-Khor Fakkan-SEA HUB-Xiamen-Tianjin NEU5: Shanghai-Ningbo-Yantian-Cai Mep-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Le Havre-Rotterdam-Hamburg- Antwerp-Le Havre-Malta-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Nansha-Shanghai NEU6: Kaohsiung-Ningbo-Shanghai-Taipei-Yantian-Colombo-SUEZ Canal-Rotterdam-Felixstowe- Hamburg-Rotterdam-SUEZ Canal-Colombo-Kaohsiung 5 Asia - Mediterranean services: MED1: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-La Spezia-Genoa-Fos-Valencia-Piraeus -SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Colombo-SEA HUB-Hong Kong-Qingdao MED2:Qingdao-Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Nansha-Yantian-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Malta-Valencia-Barcelona-Fos-Genoa-Malta -Beirut-SUEZ Canal-Jebel Ali-SEA HUB-Xiamen-Qingdao MED3: Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Chiwan-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Port Said -Beirut-Iskenderun-Istanbul Evyap (Izmit)-Istanbul Ambarli (Avcilar)-Constanza-Odessa-Istanbul Ambarli (Avcilar) -Piraeus -SUEZ Canal-SEA HUB-Pusan MED4: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Yantian-Shekou-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Ashdod-Haifa-Alexandria-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-SEA HUB-Shekou-Kaohsiung-Qingdao MED5: Shanghai-Ningbo-Pusan-Chiwan-SEA HUB-SUEZ Canal-Malta-Rijeka-Koper-Trieste -Venice- Koper -Malta -Damietta -SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-SEA HUB-Chiwan-Shanghai 3 Transatlantic services: TAT1: Malta-Livorno-Genoa-Fos-Barcelona-Valencia-Lisbon-New York-Norfolk-Savannah- Miami-Algeciras-Valencia*-Malta TAT2: Southampton-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Le Havre-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Southampton TAT3: Le Havre-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Charleston-Savannah-Miami-Veracruz-Altamira -Houston-New Orleans-Miami-Le Havre 5 Asia – Middle East services: MEA1: Tianjin-Dalian -Pusan Shanghai -Ningbo-Chiwan-Singapore-Khor Al Fakkan-Jebel Ali-Bandar Abbas-Sohar -Port Kelang -Singapore –Shekou-Tianjin MEA2: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Chiwan-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Dammam-Jubail-Abu Dhabi- Singapore-Qingdao MEA3: Lianyungang-Qingdao-Ningbo-Hong Kong –Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Bahrain-Dammam-Jubail-Port Kelang- Lianyungang MEA4: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Shekou-Tanjung Pelepas-Colombo-Jebel Ali-Bandar Abbas-Port Kelang -Laem Chabang*-Hong Kong-Shanghai MEA5: Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Abu Dhabi-Dammam-Singapore-Nansha-Shanghai   2 Asia - Red Sea services: RES1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-SEA HUB-Jeddah-Sokhna-Aqaba-Jeddah-SEA HUB -Shanghai RES2: Shanghai-Ningbo-Chiwan-SEA HUB-Djibouti-Jeddah-Aqaba-Port Sudan-Djibouti-SEA HUB -Shanghai Above service rotations are subject to review and market conditions. *(To be confirmed)
  • October 31, 2016

    OOCL Wins Lloyd’s List Asia Containership Operator of the Year Award
    OOCL is proud to be named the Containership Operator of the Year in front of hundreds of industry peers at the Lloyd’s List Asia awards ceremony held on October 20 in Singapore. The Lloyd’s List Award series recognizes the industry’s successes, setting a benchmark for excellence while rewarding innovative ideas and concepts that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible.              OOCL won the award this year among some of the top industry players in the industry, recognizing our outstanding business performance and commitment to corporate sustainability. On receiving the award, Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Trades of OOCL said, "OOCL is very honored to be awarded as the Containership Operator of the Year.  The award is great encouragement to us, especially in today’s tough global economic and industry environment.  We are glad that our efforts are being recognized.  On behalf of my colleagues at OOCL, I would like to express our gratitude for this award.  We will do our best to ensure we live up to the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and community stakeholders.”      OOCL has a long track record of outperforming the market, in both up and down cycles.  OOCL is well respected in the industry as a financially prudent company with a reputation for its customer-focused solutions, quality-through-excellence service approach, innovation, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Over the years, many important initiatives contributed to the success of the company’s environmental initiatives, including the development of innovative information technology tools such as the OOCL Carbon Calculator to enhance the transparency of carbon emission information for customers who are committed to their own environmental performance and objectives, as well as investments in the latest state-of-the-art technologies for new containerships, with advanced green features to meet current and future environmental requirements. Earlier this year we announced that our organization is the first Hong Kong-based enterprise in the international transportation and logistics industry to be included in the FTSE4Good Global Index.  It is an important milestone in the company’s efforts to achieving long-term sustainability objectives and strongly reflects our progressive steps to corporate sustainability.  “There is much to look forward in our days ahead,” said Mr. Ng. “OOCL stands ready to embrace our challenges and opportunities as we plan for growth, working with our business partners and stakeholders to ensure that we continue to deliver the high level of performance that the industry has come to expect of us."
  • October 21, 2016

    Asia-Europe Trade – Service Update
      Asia-Europe Trade – Service Update Dear Valued Customers, In order to cater to the market requirements during the winter season, we would like to inform you of a change in the port rotation of our Asia-Adriatic service (AAS).  AAS new port rotation:  Pusan- Shanghai- Ningbo- Chiwan- Port Kelang- Koper- Trieste- Izmit- Avcilar- Constanza- Odessa- Avcilar- Piraeus- Port Kelang – Pusan. Westbound effective voyage:  COSCO Shipping Panama, voyage 161W, ETA Pusan on October 30 Eastbound effective voyage:  COSCO Shipping Panama, voyage 162E, ETA Trieste on November 28 For further information, please kindly contact our  representatives or find out the latest sailing schedules  under e-Services on
  • June 21, 2016

    Neptune Lines Adds Service in Middle East
     Neptune Lines is pleased to advise that as of June 2016,  will be commencing a new Arabian Gulf short sea service. Japanese-built vessel, Neptune Ploes, will commence a regular service connecting eight_ports in the Arabian Gulf. The planned itinerary consists of 2 loops, interchanging each week: • Loop A: Jebel Ali - Bandar Abbas / Sohar (alternating)-Umm Qasr-Kuwait and then on to Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi. • Loop B: Khalifa - Doha - Bahrein - Dammam on to Jebel Ali. The transit times are scheduled as follows: From Jebel Ali to: Bandar Abbas/Sohar 1 day Umm Qasr 3 days Kuwait 4 days  From Abu Dhabi to:  Doha 1 day Bahrein 2 days Dammam 3 days   Ports and rotation can be adjusted to your request subject inducement.        
  • April 20, 2016

    OOCL announces the establishment of a new alliance
    Dear Valued Customer, In our commitment to bringing best-in-class products and service networks to customers, OOCL along with CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, and Evergreen Line signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a new alliance today.  This milestone agreement sets out to offer highly competitive products with the most extensive port coverage in a global network that covers the Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean, Asia-Red Sea, Asia-Middle East, Trans-Pacific, Asia-North America East Coast, and the Trans-Atlantic trades. Participating in this new alliance is a positive and important step forward for OOCL as the company embraces growth opportunities while improving our market position with a larger and more cost effective operating network. We are also pleased to be a part of the new alliance fleet, deploying the latest vessels in the operation to provide the efficient and reliable services that meet the needs of today’s most demanding supply chains.     Subject to regulatory approvals of competent authorities, the new alliance plans to begin operations in April 2017 and there is still much preparatory work that needs to be done. At this time, OOCL remains committed to offering reliable shipping services through the G6 Alliance where the service structure will remain stable and operate as aligned through 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. It is our top priority that the quality services that you have come to expect from OOCL is maintained as we plan towards an orderly transition with the minimal disruption to your business and operations. Thank you for your support of OOCL over the years.  We look forward to working more closely with you to ensure our partnership grows from strength to strength and keeping you updated on the latest alliance developments in the months ahead.
  • April 20, 2016

    CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line to establish OCEAN Alliance
    Shanghai, April 20, 2016 - CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a new Alliance enabling each of them to offer competitive products and comprehensive service networks covering the Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean, Asia-Red Sea, Asia-Middle East, Trans-Pacific, Asia-North America East Coast, and Trans-Atlantic trades. This is a milestone agreement among four of the world’s leading container shipping lines. Each line will offer best-in-class services to customers with fast transit times, competitive sailing frequencies, and the most extensive port coverage in the market.   “This new partnership will allow each of its members to bring significantly improved services to its respective customers,” member carriers said in a statement. “Shippers will have an attractive selection of frequent departures and direct calls to meet their supply chain needs, including access to a vast network with the largest number of sailings and port rotations connecting markets in Asia, Europe and the United States.” “The Alliance will also bring service reliability and the most efficient integration of the latest vessels in a fleet of over 350 containerships. Initially the deployment will cover more than 40 services globally mostly connected with Asia, including about 20 services each in the U.S. and Europe related trades.” Subject to regulatory approvals of competent authorities, the new Alliance plans to begin operations in April 2017.  The initial period of the Alliance shall be five years.  “The Ocean Alliance is a very ambitious operational agreement. CMA CGM, and its new partners, will offer more than 40 maritime loops, providing its customers with an enhanced network of services and fast transit times.” remarked by CMA CGM.  “Today is a great day for COSCO Container Lines. OCEAN Alliance is a better match for our globalization strategy. We will provide customers with more selections and improved service world-wide.” remarked by COSCO Container Lines. “Joint service cooperation is an essential part of our own strategic planning.  This new alliance enables us to optimize fleet deployment and offer competitive service to meet customers’ changing demand. “, remarked by Lawrence Lee, CEO of Evergreen Marine Corporation. Upon signing the MOU, Andy Tung, CEO of Orient Overseas Container Line remarked: “The extensive network and port coverage of the new alliance will offer our customers a wide range of choices and highly competitive services for their supply chains.  The new alliance will also be a platform for our ongoing growth as well as improve our cost and efficiency”. Further details about OCEAN Alliance and the transition plans from the four member lines in their current alliances will be communicated to stakeholders and the market in due course.
  • April 14, 2016

    Container weight compliance to boost costs for shippers
    Shippers will have to pay more to ship their products around the world when the International Maritime Organization’s new container weight verification requirements take effect on July 1. Under an amendment to the IMO’s Safety of Life at Sea convention approved in 2014, the shipper on the bill of lading has two options to certify the verified gross mass of their containers, but both will incur additional expense. Someone in a shipper’s global supply chain will have to provide to an ocean carrier a verified gross mass for every container in advance of sailing or it won’t get loaded. Whether a shipper chooses to have a container and its contents weighed as a single unit under Method 1 or weighs every item and packaging in the container and adds it to the tare weight of the box stenciled on the door, under Method 2, there will be additional cost, although Method 2 will probably cost less than under Method 1. With implementation less than three months away, shippers are scrambling to figure out how to comply with the new requirements and looking to their freight forwarders for solutions. The new IMO requirements are designed to protect container ships against overloaded containers that can create unbalanced stowage and endanger vessels, a result cited as possible causes when the MSC Napoli foundered and was beached in the English Channel in 2007 and when the MOL Comfort broke in half in 2013. Shippers, however, have criticized the rule, saying that while some shippers may be perennially guilty of overstuffing containers, shippers of lighter goods such as electronics or apparel typically “cube out” — that is, use all of the available space in a container — before they “weigh out,” or hit the maximum weight limit. Still, the SOLAS requirements could increase the costs of ocean freight transportation by more than 10 percent for everyone, according to a report by an investment banking and research firm which said forwarders stand to gain a new revenue stream by weighing their customers’ containers for a fee. It estimated the total cost of shipping a container from Los Angeles to Shanghai would increase by 14 percent. Implementation of the SOLAS rule may cause disruption that will force some retailers to switch from ocean to air freight, which will add to their immediate cost of SOLAS. If the rule causes any disruption in the U.S. retail import supply chain, it could exacerbate the overhang of excess inventory just as retailers prepare for back-to-school deliveries and fall sales of branded apparel and footwear, according to the report. Some of the  U.S. importers are waiting for China to issue regulations on how it will implement the SOLAS requirements, but are leaving it up to their Chinese suppliers to fulfill those requirements. One U.S. importer of household furnishings from China likened the implementation of the SOLAS requirements to the process U.S. importers had to go through in 2009 when U.S. Customs and Border Protection required importers to file documents about the contents of their shipments no later than 24 hours before the cargo is loaded aboard a vessel. “Like 10 + 2, it will probably be a matter of trial and error,” he said. “If one way works very well, that will become the standard, and that’s how we’ll know.”   Full article can be read on
  • January 15, 2016

    New SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement- VGM
    To improve safety in the supply chain, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has made amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention indicating that all shippers must comply with mandatory container weight verification requirements, or Verified Gross Mass (VGM), effective July 1, 2016. Currently the industry is in ongoing discussions with many regulatory authorities and stakeholders to ascertain the implementation details and policies on such requirements as well as to ensure that process and system readiness for compliance is in order before the effective date. China is one example where national policies are still a work in progress to meet the SOLAS Convention’s new VGM requirements while addressing concerns, such as operational costs, from the shipping community. Its implementation is entrusted to the Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) under the Ministry of Transportation and we will keep customers posted on the latest developments in the months ahead. Principle  “No VGM, No loading.” A container without a VGM is not allowed to load onto the vessel.  Terminals observing the SOLAS Convention and/or local regulatory requirements will reject containers at the gate if no VGM is provided. The shipper is responsible for the potential regulatory penalties and all costs associated to the exception handling of the containers without the VGM. What?     VGM is the total gross mass of a packed container which includes the cargo weight, block & bracing materials and container tare. The SOLAS Convention offers two methods to obtain the VGM: Method No. 1 – Weighing Weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified weighing equipment Method No. 2 - Calculating   The sum of the single masses = Mass of cargo items + all packages (pallets, dunnage, securing material packed in the container) + container tare mass  as certified and approved by the national authorized body Note: it is inappropriate and impractical to adopt Method No. 2 for Scrap metal, unbagged grain and other cargo in bulk.   If a container with a gross mass exceeding its maximum permitted limit (the maximum payload) as indicated on the Safety Approval Plate under the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC), the container will NOT be loaded onto a ship even with the proper VGM documentation. Who?   The responsibility for obtaining and documenting the VGM of a packed container lies with the shipper shown on the Ocean Carrier Bill of Lading.   The shipper is responsible to provide the VGM to the ocean carrier and/or port terminal in order to meet the SOLAS and local regulatory requirements and/or specific port terminal procedures where applicable. When?   The new SOLAS requirements will be effective on July 1, 2016. The shipper must ensure that the VGM is provided sufficiently in advance for use by the ship master and the terminal representative towards the ship stowage plan.   The VGM CUT-OFF time will be advised in the form of a Booking Confirmation once available. We anticipate the VGM CUT-OFF times will vary from one country to another and it is important to observe that:   Many national authorities are still reviewing how best to facilitate the implementation of the new SOLAS requirements in their country.   Various ports and terminals are also reviewing the appropriate time frame by which the VGM must be received in order to allow for safe stowage planning and smooth yard operation. Where? Applicable to all IMO Member States. Transshipment handling at the ports of IMO Member States must also have the VGM available. Shippers are requested to communicate the VGM to OOCL before the 1st loading port to avoid any transshipment delays and costs. How? Shippers can declare the VGM together with the shipping instructions or separately through other channels. OOCL highly encourages shippers to provide the information through electronic means and we will publish details and guidelines on this communication method at a later date. VGM should be signed by either the shipper or a person duly authorized by the shipper. Electronic or e-signatures are also acceptable.
  • December 08, 2015

    Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2015: Neptune Lines voted “Dry Cargo Company of the Year
    An independent judging panel representing a broad cross-section of the Greek shipping community and industry experts selected Neptune Lines as Dry Cargo Company of the Year, in the award tradition established by Lloyd’s List to honour achievement and excellence in the Greek shipping community. Melina Travlos, President and CEO of Neptune Lines, was presented with the award in a special ceremony, which took place in Athens, on Friday 4 December. Neptune Lines owns and operates the youngest fleet of pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region, serving 20 countries and more than 30 key ports. The company’s vessels transport approximately one million units per year of cars, rolling and static cargoes, placing it among the ten biggest car carrier operators in the world. Melina Travlos dedicated the award to the memory of her father and founder of the company, Nikos Travlos: “I am very proud and honoured to receive this award tonight. This is a special year for us as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. My father’s pioneering vision, our commitment to customer satisfaction and our united spirit in meeting challenges together, help us accomplish great achievements! Thank you”.  
  • October 26, 2015

    Neptune Lines celebrates its 40th anniversary
    The 23rd of October brought Neptune family together in a joint celebration of its 40th anniversary in Athens. On the occasion, Neptune Lines held its 1st Agents Conference in Athens to promote relationships and communication and to define business objectives for the near future. 40 delegates from 16 countries participated in the conference and celebrations and left with fresh thoughts and ideas for a bright future. Our company was proudly represented by Mr Kostas Nikolau and Mr Radu Paunescu
  • July 06, 2015

    A flexible fleet - Shipping and Marine featuring Neptune Lines
    Melina Travlos, CEO and President of Neptune Lines, talks to Shipping and Marine and explains the company competitive edge in the market, discusses the investment in a modern fleet with high-end environmental features, and elaborates on future plans of expansion. "We pay personal attention to our customers and have built a strong reputation for developing new markets while remaining committed to our long established relationships. Even when keeping a route means more cost to us, we keep it, our reward being our customers’ appreciation and loyalty”.  
  • June 12, 2015

    Neptune Lines awarded with the ‘Agility/ Innovation’ award (Outbound Logistics)
    Renault - Nissan Alliance awarded Neptune Lines with the ‘Agility/ Innovation’ award (Outbound Logistics) in its 2015 ALE Supplier Convention, which was organized in France. This award is given in recognition of Neptune Lines’ flexibility, adaptability and support for the Monozukuri concept and related targets. Neptune Lines has been a longstanding supplier for Renault- Nissan Alliance, providing pro-active and transparent solutions having as an ultimate goal the maximization of productivity and accuracy, while ensuring a uniquely fitted service to the Alliance’s needs. “This award is the result of hard teamwork and excellent communication and co-operation between the two teams”, says Melina Travlos, President and CEO of Neptune Lines.
  • May 29, 2015

    Two new vessels in Neptune Lines fleet
    NEPTUNE Lines Shipping and Managing Enterprises announce today, the addition of Neptune Hellas and Neptune Horizon to its fleet, raising the number of owned ships to 15. The vessels were built at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in 2009 and 2010 respectively. They are near-sister vessels to another 6 Neptune Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels, constructed in the same yard in recent years. The Neptune fleet is steadily growing in both numbers and capacity, with the new vessels having a capacity of appx 3,800 car units each. This has been selected as an optimum size for the key activity areas of the company, i.e. 20 countries all around the Mediterranean Sea, up to the Atlantic ports of Spain and Morocco in the West and Black Sea ports in the East.  Melina Travlos, President & CEO, made the following statement: “This move is a testimony to Neptune Lines continuous investment, year after year, on the provision of excellent services to our global automotive customers, as well as good and safe work conditions for our seamen and seawomen.   It marks once more the commitment to our history and values and to remaining on a path of perseverance and growth”. 
  • April 14, 2015

    Neptune Lines President & CEO talks to Automotive Industries magazine
    The Automotive Industries magazine included a special report on vehicle carriers in its April issue.Melina Travlos, President and CEO of the Neptune Group of companies, was interviewed about Neptune Lines current achievements and future plans. Being asked what she  attributes Neptune’s success in the automotive shipping transport industry in the Mediterranean region, Ms. Melina Travlos replied: “We have established our reputation through our values-our commitment to hard work and the provision of services tailored to our customer needs. We believe in combining consistency and reliability with customized strategies, not only one-solution-fits-all. I believe our customers trust us because we understand their needs and we operate with the philosophy of being an integral part of the total supply chain. We are committed to providing a seamless operation for them. We strive to be part of their own customer service.” Regarding the future plans of Neptune Lines of expansion of its business, Ms. Travlos declared: “We are currently testing the waters to increase services in our current trade areas and expanding the geographical borders of our operations. We are also examining vertical integrations to better serve our customer base. For 40 years this company has based its progress and success on initiative and perseverance. We will continue on this path. And this is not just another goal for me. It is a lifelong mission; and I am very determined when on a mission.”  
  • January 16, 2015

    905,000 Units transported by Neptune Lines fleet in 2014
      For one more year, Neptune Lines lives up to its reputation for reliability, operational excellence and quality of services. A total of 905,000 units have been transported in 2014, thereby signifying an increase of 100,000 units compared to last year.  Romania contributed with more than 100,000 units due to his strong automotive industry and the healthy auto market.
  • November 28, 2014

    Neptune Lines exhibits at the 8th Logitrans – Istanbul
    The largest exhibition for Transport and Logistics in Turkey opened its gates from November 19-21,2014 in Istanbul. Neptune Lines participated with a stand in order to present its business and services to existing and potential partners. Neptune Lines currently performs frequent calls at the ports of Efesan, Derince, Borusan, Yenikoy and Mersin, providing excellent further connections with most of Med and black Sea ports, including Constanta.
  • July 14, 2014

    OOCL receives recognition from HKO, WMO and IOC for valuable contributions to the observatory and maritime communities
    OOCL is proud to announce that we were presented with two awards by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) to recognize our outstanding efforts in providing vital weather observation data in 2013.  Thirty-seven OOCL vessels participated in the Hong Kong Voluntary Observing Ship (HKVOS) program by the HKO to voluntarily provide marine climatology data needed to help identify prevailing weather conditions for preparing forecasts and warnings to the maritime community.  While we are happy to see more companies joining the program, OOCL, by far, has been the biggest Hong Kong-based supporter of the program since its inauguration. For the year 2013, the ‘OOCL Asia’ and the ‘OOCL Jakarta’ were presented with the ‘Diamond Award” and the ‘Gold Award’ respectively for their outstanding contributions.  ‘OOCL Asia’, in particular, received special recognition as being the only participating vessel which has made over 500 weather observation reports in 2013. This means that the ‘OOCL Asia’ submitted more than 40 reports to HKO each month. Since each report usually takes up to 30 minutes to complete, that means ‘OOCL Asia’ volunteered at least 250 hours contributing to the HKVOS program which helps improve safety in the maritime community.  Apart from the quantity of the reports made, the OOCL Asia and the OOCL Yokohama were also presented with first time participation certificates jointly issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) for the high quality of the reports sent. According to the HKO, observational data received from these ships are highly valued by the international scientific community for climate research and climate change studies. The data provided makes significant contribution to the WMO and IOC. OOCL was presented the awards by Mr. C. M. Shun, Director of the HKO on June 6, 2014 in the Fifth Meeting of the HKO Liaison Group for the Shipping Community.  Mr. Shum also expressed his special thanks to OOCL for being the HKVOS program’s biggest supporter  
  • June 26, 2014

    Neptune Lines’ second newbuilding delivered from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
    Neptune Lines Shipping & Managing Enterprises S.A. took delivery of her latest new building, ‘Neptune Thalassa’, on Friday, April 25th 2014, in Ulsan, Korea.  ‘Neptune Thalassa’ is the second of an order for two new buildings, placed to HMD by Neptune Lines with the former, namely ‘Neptune Galene’ to have been delivered on February same year.  M/V Neptune Thalassa, is a Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessel of 31,000 sq. m. carrying capacity and can accommodate up to 3,500 cars. ‘Neptune Thalassa’, is close sister of four previous PCTCs also built at HMD, but together with ‘Neptune Galene’ are further enhanced with high-end environmental technologies, which result in improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. She is also equipped with advanced maneuverability characteristics that make her suitable for short sea shipping trade.
  • February 17, 2014

    NEPTUNE GALENE-Latest PCTC vessel delivered to Neptune Lines
    Greek-based Neptune Lines Shipping & Management Enterprises S.A. had delivered on February 6th, 2014, “Neptune Galene”, a pure car and truck carrier (PCTC), built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, in a special ceremony in Ulsan, South Korea in the presence of Greek Minister of Shipping Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis; President and CEO of EUKOR Car Carriers, Mr. Craig Jasienski; and Managing Director, Global Head Shipping of HSH Nordbank, Mr Ingmar Loges. The vessel flies the Greek flag. Galene is close sister of four previous PCTCs also built at HMD, but is further enhanced with high-end environmental technologies, which result in improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. She is also equipped with advanced maneuverability characteristics that make her suitable for short sea shipping trade. Neptune Lines Managing Director Ms. Melina Travlos mentioned: “For us Greeks, the sea is our home and sea trade is closely linked to our history. Neptune Lines is a leading operator in short sea transportation, serving more than 30 ports in 17 countries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, carrying more than 800,000 units annually. Today, I feel especially proud as “Galene”, along with all Neptune vessels, will proudly represent the only Greek Liner Company operating a fleet of car-carriers”. Greek Minister of Shipping and the Aegean Sea Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis noted: "Neptune Lines Shipping & Management and Travlos family with this investment, not only do they empower their company within a globally very competitive industry, but at the same time they contribute to a growing national capital, to new employment opportunities for Greek seafarers during an economic crisis and to Greece’s increased bargaining power in the international arena." Neptune Lines is a key player in the car carrier market with an integrated agency network and independently operated car terminals. With the addition of “Galene” the company will operate a fleet of 16 car carriers - 12 of which are company owned-, comprising one of the youngest fleet of PCTCs globally, and providing reliable, flexible and trustworthy services to all major car makers in the world.
  • October 09, 2013

    Neptune Lines celebrates uninterrupted presence in the Black Sea for over two decades
    Neptune Lines is operating in the Black Sea since 1993, transporting this year more than 200,000 units from and to all the major ports of the area.   Even when volumes and demand dropped significantly as a result of the crisis in the sector, forcing all major carriers to withdraw from servicing the area, Neptune Lines remained at the Black Sea providing reliable services tailored to the needs of its customers. This has earned partners’ trust, and has enabled expansion of the services by connecting all major ports of the Mediterranean with the Black Sea.   Specifically in the Black Sea, Neptune Lines, with  a very young fleet (currently with an average vessels’ age of just 5,9 years), calls Constanta every 5 days, Illyichevsk weekly and Novorossiysk every 10 days with 6 vessels, each vessel’s capacity ranging from 1,800 to 4,000 RT.  Neptune Lines offers to customers its unwavering commitment because  are driven by the belief  that, in challenging times, it’s all about honoring old relationships and building new strong ones. Many of those strong links have been forged through innovative tailor made solutions. When  customers required high volume and high frequency services ex Constanta to the Western Mediterranean as well as to North Africa, Neptune Lines was there to assist and established a new loop according to those specific requirements. RNPO awarded Neptune Lines with “Best Supplier for Delivery Management – SEA” in 2010 and in 2012 Neptune Lines was awarded “Shipping Company of the Year” by the Automotive Supply Chain Magazine. For GEFCO, Neptune Lines  have started in 2008 to have regular services from Italy and Spain to Illyichevsk. With the rising demand to have a direct port on entry into Russia, GEFCO and Neptune Lines supported by the Russian Logistics company TMBC, added in 2012 a liner service to Novorossiysk. This service offers presently access from Spanish, French and Adriatic ports directly into Russia with the potential for further expansion to other areas. More recently, FORD started to use the Port of Constanta not only as port of exit for its Craiova production but also established a new logistics chain from Germany to Turkey via Constanta, based on Neptune Lines’ services.  Neptune Lines also support our customers with calls to Sevastopol and working on a sustainable solution to Poti in Georgia. As local agents in Romania for Neptune Lines, we express our greetings in this celebration moments, continuing to bring our local contribution for a successful business for years to come.    
  • August 07, 2013

    OOCL operates East Med/Black Sea Express (EMX) Service
    OOCL is pleased to introduce the East Med / Black Sea Express (EMX) service from September 6, 2013.  EMX has a comprehensive network with direct services connecting Asia, the East Mediterranean and Black Sea.   We are dedicated to continuing our coverage in this Trade with a direct, reliable and competitive service.  In response to the transportation needs of our customers, the EMX will offer competitive transit times and additional coverage for Pusan, Da Chan Bay, Port Kelang, and Novorossiysk.   EMX will commence on Week 36 in order to maintain continuity for this Trade.  The first call will be provided by ZIM Shekou which is scheduled to arrive on September 6 at Pusan. EMX port rotation: Pusan – Ningbo – Shanghai – Da Chan Bay - Port Kelang – via Suez Canal - Haifa – Istanbul – Odessa – Novorossiysk - Istanbul – Haifa – via Suez Canal - Nhava Sheva - Port Kelang – Da Chan Bay – Pusan Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. Headquartered in Hong Kong, OOCL is one of the world s largest integrated international container transportation and logistics companies, with more than 290 offices in 60 countries. Linking Asia, Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, the company offers transportation services to all major east/west trading economies of the world. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. It is also an industry leader in the use of information technology and e-commerce to manage the entire cargo process. ( ================================================================ OOCL lanseaza serviciul EMX (Mediterana de Est – Marea Neagra Express) OOCL are placerea sa anunte lansarea serviciului EMX (Mediterana de Est – Marea Neagra Express) incepand cu 6 Septembrie 2013. EMX are o reţea complexă cu servicii directe conectand Asia, zona Mediteranei de Est şi Marea Neagră. Suntem decisi sa mentinem pe aceasta relatie un serviciu direct, fiabil si competitiv. In intampinarea  nevoilor de transport ale clienţilor noştri, EMX va oferi un tranzit competitiv si conexiune suplimentară pentru zonele Pusan, Da Chan Bay, Port Kelang şi Novorossiysk. EMX va fi lansat incepand cu saptamana 36 pentru a mentine continuitatea incarcarilor. Prima escala va fi efectuata de catre ZIM Shekou care este programata sa soseasca la Pusan pe 6 Septembrie. Porturile deservite direct: Pusan – Ningbo – Shanghai – Da Chan Bay - Port Kelang – via Suez Canal - Haifa – Istanbul – Odessa – Novorossiysk - Istanbul – Haifa – via Suez Canal - Nhava Sheva - Port Kelang – Da Chan Bay – Pusan
  • August 07, 2013

    G6 Alliance adjusts Black Sea coverage by new feeder service
    The members of the G6 Alliance have decided to modify their network between the Far East and the Black Sea effective from week 36. The last sailing for the ABX service will be “MOL Performance” (ETA Ningbo on 30th August). All port coverage will be maintained by a new dedicated feeder service with a connection via Port Said that will be added to the Loop 4 of the G6 Alliance. The G6 Alliance`s Mediterranean service, EUM, will also provide a connection to the newly deployed Black Sea feeder through the existing Port Said call. The rotation of the feeder service will be: Port Said – Ashdod – Istanbul – Constanza – Odessa – Istanbul – Ashdod – Port Said. The weekly service will provide a seamless coverage of the Black Sea with two vessels of approximately 3,000 TEU. After this service change, OOCL will continue to serve the market via alternative service arrangement. The G6 Alliance is one of the leading consortia in global container shipping offering a variety of services between the Far East and Europe/Med as well as between the Far East and North America East Coast covering all major port pairs with weekly sailings. The G6 Alliance members are APL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha and Orient Overseas Container Line. ===================================================================== Alianta G6 anunta un nou serviciu de feedering in zona Marii Negre Membrii aliantei G6 au hotarat sa modifice serviciul intre Far East si Marea Neagra incepand cu saptamana 36. Ultimul voiaj al serviciului G6-ABX va fi efectuat de nava “Mol Performance” (ETA Ningbo 30 August). Toate destinatiile vor fi mentinute printr-un un nou serviciu dedicat de feedering conectat in Port Said la serviciul Loop 4 al aliantei G6. De asemenea, serviciul EUM din zona mediteraneana va oferi si el o conexiune prin Port Said cu noul serviciu de feedere. Urmatoarele porturi vor fi deservite cu o frecventa saptamanala de doua nave cu o capacitate de 3000 TEU: Port Said – Ashdod – Istanbul – Constanza – Odessa – Istanbul – Ashdod – Port Said Dupa aceasta modificare, OOCL va mentine serviciile prezente pe piata folosind aranjamente alternative. Alianta G6 este una dintre aliantele de top in transportul containerizat, oferind o varietate de servicii pe relatia Far East - Europa/Mediterana cat si Far East – America de Nord, Coasta de Est, acoperind toate marile porturi cu frecventa saptamanala. Alianta G6 este formata din urmatorii membri: APL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha si Orient Overseas Container Line.  
  • April 08, 2013

    Giant RO-RO vessel A LADYBUG at Constanta
    Sunday, 31 of March 2013, chartered by Neptune Lines,one of the largest Ro-Ro vessels in the world, named A LADYBUG, safely arrived in Constanta South Port to perform loading of 6000 Dacia vehicles . The  spectacular ship has aroused public interest, such as televisions and numerous other newspapers have wanted to be present at operations at the ship. After almost five days of continuos load, the Dacia cars were loaded on board, with final destination, Algeria, within  about ten days. The entire process, starting with dispatch from Mioveni plant, continuing with road and railway transportation, storage port Constanta South and ending with loading and lashing of the cars on board, was a real challenge for all those involved in these activities because of the volume of cargo, volume which was nearly double the usual amount lifted by current owned vessels of Neptune Lines.
  • May 22, 2012

    ABX service
    On 14th  of May, M/V OOCL NEW YORK, first OOCL vessel  from a total of four deployed in ABX service, safely berthed in Constanta Port in her maiden voyage in Black Sea area, being followed on 21th by M/V OOCL CHINA,  also operated in Constanta within the scheduled window. On this occasion the Masters of both ships received from agency a booklet to celebrate their first calls in Constanta Port serving the new ABX service. In a local market with strong competition, reaching the arrival and departure data has become a very important criteria in choosing a reliable partner and OOCL managed to meet customers expectations.
  • March 30, 2012

    New Service ABX (LP9) to be Launched
    Dear Valued Customers,   Please be advised that new service ABX (LP9) will be launched with effect from Apr.2012, which accepts booking to ASHDOD, ISTANBUL, CONSTANTA and ODESSA.   The first voyage is MOL PERFORMANCE 065W14, estimated departure date is Apr 8th, 2012. Details as below:   Call port: DXYS III Sailing date: Sunday Cy open time: 0800 am/ Wednesday Cy close time: 1600 pm/ Friday Dg agency: PENAVICO Dg cut off: 1100 am/ Wednesday Ens cut off: 1730 pm/ Thursday Dr cut off: 2200 pm/ Friday Port rotation: CNNGB-CNSHA-CNSHK-HKHKG-SGSIN-EGSUZ-EGPSD-ILASH-TRIST-BSP-ROCND-UAODS/ODESSA-BSP-IST-ASH-PSD-SUZ-SIN-NGB   Thank you for your support!  
  • February 08, 2012

    G6 Alliance moves launch of Asia-Europe service up to March
    February 08, 2012 G6 Alliance moves launch of Asia-Europe service up to March Hong Kong, February 08, 2012: Members of the G6 Alliance announced today that their groundbreaking cooperation in Asia-Europe container shipping will begin operation in the first week of March – one month ahead of schedule. “We are eager to roll out our competitive products to benefit customers by offering a comprehensive and increased coverage of 40 ports in the Asia-Europe market with more sailing frequency,” the members said in a statement.  “Customer response to the G6 Alliance is strong, the latest economic condition in the trade supports the timing of the launch, and we are ready to meet the market’s expectations.” The G6 Alliance, serving the Asia-to-Europe-and-Mediterranean market was announced last December.  The G6 Alliance members are the carriers in the Grand Alliance and New World Alliance: APL, Hapag-Lloyd AG, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha and Orient Overseas Container Line. The G6 Alliance will launch six services between Asia and North Europe in the first week of March.  Those serving Japanese ports will commence after completion of consultations with the Japan Harbor Transportation Association and labor unions. A seventh service will follow when it can be supported by sustainable trade conditions.  The service will provide direct coverage to the Bohai Bay ports in Dalian and Xingang.      The G6 Alliance will continue the existing Asia-Mediterranean Express Service (EUM) and will also launch a new Asia-Black Sea Express service (ABX) in the first week of April.    The base-plan port rotation of the G6 Alliance loops is as follows, subject to the confirmation of berth availability: Loop 1 Kobe – Nagoya – Shimizu – Tokyo – Hong Kong – Cai Mep – Singapore – Jeddah – Rotterdam - Hamburg – Southampton – Le Havre – Singapore – Hong Kong – Kobe Loop 2 To be finalized Loop 3 Shanghai – Ningbo – South China – Singapore – Tangier – Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Gdansk - Gothenburg – Rotterdam – Jeddah – Singapore – South China – Hong Kong - Shanghai Loop 4 Ningbo – Shanghai – South China – Singapore – Southampton - Hamburg – Rotterdam – Singapore – South China – Ningbo Loop 5 Kwangyang – Pusan – Shanghai – South China – Singapore - Rotterdam - Hamburg – Thamesport – Singapore – Kwangyang Loop 6 Kaohsiung – Xiamen – South China – Hong Kong - Singapore – Colombo – Southampton - Antwerp – Hamburg – Rotterdam – Jebel Ali – Singapore – South China – Kaohsiung Loop 7 Qingdao – Shanghai – Hong Kong - South China – Singapore – Salalah – Le Havre – Rotterdam - Hamburg – Southampton – Tangier – Salalah – Singapore – South China – Qingdao ABX Service Ningbo - Shanghai – South China – Hong Kong – Singapore – Port Said – Ashdod – Istanbul – Constanza - Odessa – Istanbul – Ashdod – Port Said – Singapore – Ningbo EUM Service Pusan – Shanghai – Ningbo – South China – Hong Kong – Singapore – Port Klang – Jeddah – Damietta – Genoa – FOS Sur Mer – Barcelona – Valencia – Damietta – Jeddah – Singapore – Hong Kong – Pusan
  • December 20, 2011

    Grand, New World shipping lines create new Far East-Europe alliance
    Press Releases December 20, 2011 Grand, New World shipping lines create new Far East-Europe alliance Six carriers, nine services with fast transit times, improved port coverage; More than 90 ships, covering more than 40 ports in Asia, Europe and Mediterranean; Includes Bohai and Baltic loops Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo – 20 DECEMBER 2011 Six leading container shipping lines have agreed to create one of the largest vessel networks in the Far East-to-Europe trade lane.  The comprehensive agreement will bring together members of The New World and Grand alliances to create The G6 Alliance.  New World Alliance members are APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine, and Mitsui O.S.K Lines.  Grand Alliance members  are Hapag-Lloyd AG, Nippon Yusen Kaisha and Orient Overseas Container Line. The new partnership will create one of the leading networks in the Far East-to-Europe and Far East-to-Mediterranean container shipping markets with more than 90 ships in nine services calling at more than 40 ports in Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. The integrated cooperation of these six lines will enable product and service features to be easily adjusted to market requirements. “This is a milestone agreement that significantly improves service coverage in the Asia-Europe market,” member carriers said in a statement.  “We will offer sailing frequencies and direct coverage that compete with anyone in the market.“ The new alliance is scheduled to begin operation by April 2012 with seven joint services operating between Asia and Europe and two services to the Mediterranean. It includes a direct Far East-Baltic service with calls at Gdansk, Poland and Gothenburg, Sweden as well as transshipment in Singapore. Member carriers said the new alliance will be characterized by fast transit times, broad port coverage and the latest vessels, with capacities of up to 14,000 TEU. The new alliance will enable the most efficient integration of the largest ship sizes that will be introduced over the next 30 months. The nine joint services will offer more frequent departures with daily sailings from the major Asian, European and Mediterranean ports.  The schedule will include multiple weekly calls at Singapore, South China, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Hong Kong Shanghai and Southampton. The ports of call also include Le Havre, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Thamesport, the Bohai Bay ports of Dalian and Xingang, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, Kaohsiung, Cai Mep, Japanese ports, Colombo, Jeddah, and Port Said.   “The extensive port coverage, frequent sailings and very attractive transit times make the nine services a unique product with the best and most comprehensive set of connections on offer for all shippers in the Far East-Europe/Mediterranean trade,” members of the new alliance said.  The base-plan port rotation of the nine loops is as follows.  Plans are subject to change based on changing market conditions: Loop 1 Japan – Hong Kong  - Cai Mep – Singapore - Jeddah– Rotterdam – Hamburg – Southampton – Le Havre – Singapore – Hong Kong – Japan Loop 2 Dalian – Xingang – Pusan – Qingdao – Singapore – Hamburg – Antwerp – Southampton – Salalah – Jebel Ali – Singapore – Pusan – Dalian Loop 3 Shanghai – Ningbo – South China – Singapore – Tangier – Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Gdansk – Gothenburg – Rotterdam – Jeddah – Singapore – South China – Hong Kong – Shanghai Loop 4 Shanghai – Ningbo – South China – Singapore – Southampton – Hamburg – Rotterdam – Singapore –South China – Shanghai Loop 5 Kwangyang – Pusan – Shanghai – South China – Singapore – Le Havre – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Thamesport – Singapore – Kwangyang Loop 6 Kaohsiung – Xiamen – South China – Hong Kong – Singapore – Colombo – Southampton – Hamburg – Rotterdam – Singapore – South China – Kaohsiung Loop 7 Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Hong Kong – South China – Singapore – Salalah – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Southampton – Tangier – Port Said – Singapore – South China – Qingdao Loop 8 Pusan – Shanghai – Ningbo – South China – Hong Kong – Singapore – Port Klang – Jeddah – Damietta – Genoa – FOS Sur Mer – Barcelona – Valencia – Damietta – Jeddah – Singapore – Hong Kong Loop 9 (Asia / Black Sea) To be determined
  • August 29, 2011

    OOCL ranked first for its comprehensive schedule tools
    OOCL is pleased to announce that our online schedule tools have been ranked as being the best in the industry according to a research carried out by SeaIntel Maritime Analysis (SeaIntel), published in July 2011. Among the top 15 global carriers surveyed, OOCL was the only company to score full marks, reflecting the ease with which customers can access quality and comprehensive data of shipment schedule information.  Based on user experience, SeaIntel rated the online schedule tools according to eight parameters: port-to-port pair search, schedule by vessel, listing of full service rotation, service map, gate-in cut-off times, cargo availability time at destination, easy drop-down help for port searching and mobile solution.  This recognition accentuates OOCL’s core value of delivering customer-focused service as well as our dedication to “Excellence through Quality” with innovative IT solutions.  In meeting our customer’s needs instantly, our easy-to-use online schedule tools allow customers to quickly retrieve exactly the information they need on their shipments.  Our various lines of software application for liner, logistics and compatible platforms are all designed with a purpose to provide full information visibility to our customers.  The MyPodium Mobile, OOCL Lite iPhone App and Real Time Monitored Trucking Service are some of our unique tools that enable customers to access real-time sailing schedules of vessels and trucking schedules anytime, anywhere right at their finger tips via their smartphones. Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Corporate Planning of OOCL said, “We are very proud to be the top carrier in providing our customers with the most accurate, timely, informative and user-friendly online schedule tools. We attribute our success to our Group’s strategy of superior customer service delivery by leveraging our IT capabilities.  We will continue to invest in both areas to stay above the competition.”
  • March 24, 2011

    OOCL Signs for Six 13.000-TEU Vessels
    OOCL signed a contract with Samsung Heavy Industries for the construction of six 13,000-TEU vessels. This marks the first newbuilding order OOCL has ever placed for mega container vessels of this size.  The new collection of the 13,000-TEU vessels further reinforces OOCL’s commitment to substantial asset investment in order to offer customers better service and to support the expansion of world trade with reduced environment impacts.The six container vessels are to be delivered by 2013.
  • March 04, 2011

    European Union (EU) Regulation 1875/2006 –Advance Manifest – Implementation Update
    Since the implementation of the EU Security Advance Manifest regulation from 1 January, 2011, OOCL has devoted our best effort to communicate with the EU customs authorities as well as our customers to ensure our compliance to the EU regulatory requirements while providing a smooth shipment process for our customers.  With the support from our valued customers, we are pleased to advise that during the first 2 months of the EU Security Advance Manifest operation, OOCL has achieved an overall acceptance ratio of over 99% from its relevant EU customs offices for our customs submissions.  As it is expected that the EU regulation will be strictly enforced in the very near future, customers are reminded to provide complete and correct shipping instruction before documentation cutoff times as published on our website.  OOCL will not accept any incomplete or incorrect shipping instruction for customs submission.  We would like to advise that any late shipping instruction submissions may result in cargo not being loaded, cargo hold or potential levy of penalties. Please visit the EU website at and the FAQ posted on OOCL.COM for more information about the EU requirement. If you would like to get more information about the EU customs regulation, please feel free to contact our office.
  • November 29, 2010

    EMX service-Ports of call changes
    Starting with week 50, EMX vessels will no longer call ports Da Chan Bay and Xiamen,in exchange service will provide direct connection with port of Qingdao and improved transit time from/to  Far East ports.
  • November 01, 2010

    Two new variants for the Dacia Duster
    The prestigious Financial Times (FT) has dedicated an article regarding the unexpected success of the Dacia brand. Starting from the idea that success is based on "moderation" , FT journalists stated that Renault plans to increase sales by over 50%  of the Romanian brand over the next four years."Dacia objective is to increase substantially in Europe. Today we sell 350,000 units by 2015 we want to reach 550,000 units, " Gerard Detourbet told  to   FT, head of the" entry level "within Renault. In addition to the ambitious plan mentioned by Detourbet Gerard, the Financial Times notes that the official supported the idea that Renault intends to launch two new variants of the model Duster. Duster will also benefit from a significant restyling before its launch in Britain in 2012.
  • October 12, 2010

    RENAULT-NISSAN AWARD 2010 for Neptune Lines
    Best Supplier for Delivery Management - Sea 2010   We have the pleasure to advise that our owner, Neptune Lines, had the honour to be awarded by Renault Nissan Alliance for his  excellent performance in sea transport, offering their liner services on various routes, as well as reaching the quality standards of above Principals for the year 2009-2010.  
  • September 21, 2010

    Dacia Duster nominated for "Car of the Year 2011"
    Dacia Duster was included in the list of nominations for the title "Car of the Year 2011" in Europe. In the first stage, until November 2, will be selected seven finalists from the 41, winner to be announced on November 29, 2010.
  • September 15, 2010

    Neptune Iliad at Constanta
    The fourth  high capacity ro-ro ship  of the 4 last purchased, Neptune Iliad, made the first call in Constanta, on 14.09.2010.
  • August 22, 2010

    Vessel's schedule-September
    23 AUG,2010Vessels's schedule for September was issued  
  • May 31, 2010

    Neptune Odyssey at Constanta
    Third high capacity ro-ro ship of the 4 last purchased, Neptune Odyssey, made the first call in Constanta, on 31.05.2010.
  • May 02, 2010

    Ford Romania started production in Romania
    Ford Romania has started production at the plant in Craiova, so going from a utility assembly work at the production Transit Connect.  
  • April 20, 2010

    Neptune Ithaki at Constanta
    Second high capacity ro-ro ship of the 4 last purchased, Neptune Ithaki, made the first call in Constanta, on 19.04.2010.
  • March 01, 2010

    New models for Dacia
    Dacia could reach ten models, and the following model development process has already begun, said Wednesday at the Geneva Motor Show, Director of Operations delegated Renault, Patrick Pelata.  
  • February 22, 2010

    Neptune Kefalonia at Constanta
    First high capacity ro-ro ship of the 4 last purchased, Neptune Kefalonia, made the first call in Constanta, on 22.02.2010.  
  • January 31, 2010

    Dacia exports
    Dacia  began in force the export production in 2010, after 22,000 vehicles have been sent abroad.In the first month of 2010, Dacia has reported increasing exports by almost 150% compared to January 2009. Dacia exports exactly one year ago were 8900 units, and now stood at 22,000 cars.
  • January 04, 2010

    Actual trade areas covered by Neptune Lines vessels on  regular liner service includes more than eighteen key ports in twelve countries within the Mediterranean and Black Sea area, splitted in 8 different loops.A-Derince(Evyap)>Yenikoy>Borusan>Piraeus>Koper>Piraeus>Derince(Evyap)B-Koper>Valetta>Piraeus>Limassol>Beirut>TartousC-Derince(Evyap)>Yenikoy>Borusan>Piraeus>Limassol>Beirut>TartousD-Derince(Evyap)>Yenikoy>Borusan>Civitavecchia>Livorno>Marseille>Barcelona>Valencia>Piraeus>Derince(Evyap)E-Koper>Barcelona>KoperF-CONSTANTA>Borusan>Marseille>Barcelona>Sagunto>Valencia>Algiers>Tunis>Ilyichevsk>ConstantaG-Koper>Tunis>Algiers>Barcelona>Civitavecchia>KoperH-Valencia(or Sagunto)>Casblanca>Alexandria>Borusan>Valencia  
  • August 31, 2009

    Neptune Lines fleet expansion
    Carrier  Neptune Lines announces expansion of his current fleet in 2009-2010 with another four ships (Neptune Kefalonia, Neptune Itháki , Neptune Odyssey,Neptune Iliad ), each having a capacity of 3200 vehicles.They are ultra modern vessels, each equipped with several engines, a large loading ramp aft and stern quarter ramp, an eco-friendly propulsion plant and CPP propeller. Energy saving devices are also installed at each of these vessels to reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions.
  • February 15, 2009

    Grand Alliance restructuring Asia-East Med/Black Sea Service Grand Alliance members
    Grand Alliance restructuring Asia-East Med/Black Sea Service Grand Alliance members - Hapag-Lloyd, MISC Berhad, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) announced today they will restructure the coverage of the Asia-East Med/Black Sea trade. After having suspended the ABX service as reported earlier, the Grand Alliance is now offering an East Med/Black Sea Express service (EMX) in co-operation with ZIM Lines. The rotation of the EMX is Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Shekou-Port Kelang-Colombo-Nhava Sheva-Istanbul-Novorossiysk-Constanza-Istanbul-Nhava Sheva-Colombo-Port Kelang-Shekou-Xiamen (starting 23.05.2009)-Pusan. First sailing will be the ZIM YOKOHAMA eta 23rd February 2009 at Pusan. With this arrangement, the Grand Alliance Lines continue to offer a direct coverage to the main ports in the East Med as well as Black Sea and like to demonstrate their commitment in serving the needs of their customers even in rather volatile markets. The Grand Alliance, formed in 1998, is the leading integrated consortium in global container shipping. Its members are Hapag-Lloyd (Germany), MISC Berhad (Malaysia), NYK (Japan) and OOCL (Hong Kong).
  • February 02, 2009

    Grand Alliance announces changes to Asia-Black Sea Express Service (ABX)
    The member lines of the Grand Alliance, Hapag-Lloyd, MISC Berhad, NYK and OOCL, have decided to temporarily suspend their ABX Service between Asia and Black Sea/East Mediterranean with immediate effect. The weekly service, which was jointly operated by The New World Alliance (TNWA), has been operated by eight vessels with an average capacity of 5,000 TEU. Ports of call are Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Singapore, Damietta, Istanbul, Constanta, Odessa, Constanta, Istanbul, Damietta, Jeddah, Singapore, Shanghai. This service change is in response to the global economic slowdown that has led to reduced customer demand. However, although the joint cooperation with TNWA on the ABX service has been suspended, the Grand Alliance will continue offering alternative coverage between Asia and the Black Sea/East Med ports. We will inform Grand Alliance customers of their options as soon as possible. The Grand Alliance, formed in 1998, is the leading integrated consortium in global container shipping.
  • January 15, 2008

    Medgroup new ro-ro terminal at Constanta starts operations
    Operations at the Medgroup new Romcargo terminal in Constanta (Romania) officially commenced on 10 January. Romcargo terminal has a surface area of 30,000 sqm, with a possibility to expand to 58,000 sqm, and a 202 m berth. It is the first terminal dedicated to ro-ro cargo in Constanta. The first vessel that the terminal handled was the "Neptune Dynamis", which loaded 505 Dacia cars.
  • March 29, 2007

    MEDTAINER RO srl, as agent for Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)
    We proudly announce that we have been nominated as agents for Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) in Romania starting with 30th of March 2007 together with Via Multima Ltd in Odessa, Ukraine and Via Multima Bulgaria Ltd in Varna, Bulgaria. OOCL’s recently announced a new weekly service, operated by the Grand Alliance, starting in June 2007 with the rotation of Shanghai / Ningbo / Shekou / Singapore / Damietta / Istanbul / Constanta / Odessa / Izmir / Damietta / Singapore and back to Shanghai. "We are confident OOCL’s sophisticated in-house integrated systems will help raise customer service quality levels. In turn, this will assist our customers to develop their business to and from the Black Sea region." Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. Headquartered in Hong Kong, OOCL is one of the world leading container transport and logistics service providers, with more than 230 offices in 58 countries. Linking Asia, Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, the company offers transportation services to all major east/west trading economies of the world. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. It is also an industry leader in the use of information technology and e-commerce to manage the entire cargo process. Website: